Discover The 8 Mistakes You are Probably Making On Sales Calls

8 Mistakes you are probably making on sales calls

“We all know that dreaded feeling of having to make a sales call. At Digital Butter, we’re lucky enough to have incredible clients who have mentored us along the way with our sales skills. This week the wonderful Mike Palman (aka my sales mentor and co-founder of UK-based sales consulting company The Sales Academy) is … Read more

Optimise Your LinkedIn Headline

The headline is one of the most important aspects to get right on LinkedIn but often the most ignored section. Although leaving it as your current position is tempting, if you optimise your LinkedIn headline it can be a great way to differentiate yourself on LinkedIn and one way that can help you get business. … Read more

A NonProfit Series: Hlumelelisa

Hlumelelisa - A Non Profit Series cover image of man gardening

We are fortunate enough to work with a variety of not-for-profit organisations that are making incredible changes in South Africa. Their passion and drive to change the world for the better is truly inspirational and we are so grateful that we get to work together to make this possible and so we would love to … Read more

Back To Basics: 5 Branding And Design Tools

“A brand is a reason to choose.” – Cheryl Burgess A successful company requires a strong, authentic and refined brand. This requires much deliberation and time. However, there are many branding tools and software that can help your brand achieve the visibility it needs in order to stand out while saving you time and energy. … Read more


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