Why should I, a doctor, have a website?

Dr Mark Eltringham, a Johannesburg Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, approached Digital Butter as he wanted to invest in his digital profile. He had experienced a problem that a number of doctors and other medical professionals experience. The information available online for his practice was inaccurate and the information between various ‘medical professional platforms’ was conflicting.

If patients were to search for his name on Google they were presented with a variety of incomplete profiles on him across various online medical directories. The experience for a patient at this point is not ideal. This is where, as a medical professional, investing in yourself and your online presence can make your life and your patients’ lives a lot easier. Having an online presence is the perfect way to dictate the information available about yourself, your business, or your medical practice.

Being able to dictate the information on a website is a huge advantage for doctors, and any other professionals, providing the correct contact information improves the patient experience and having the ability to manage their online reputation is very important.

Doctor Eltringham Website Responsive Devices

Dr Eltringham has a very simple one-page website with all the appropriate information he would like available to his patients. We also optimised his Google My Business listing, which is a very useful tool for businesses and healthcare professionals alike.

The Google My Business listing looks like this:

Doctor Eltringham Google My Business Listing


It appears at the top of a Google Search for many keywords relating to Dr Eltringham, allowing him to show accurate information to patients from the first page of Google. It allows patients to visit his website, easily ask for directions to the practice, see practice opening hours and any other useful information he may choose to display.

Having a website and Google My Business listing as an individual in the medical field can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction as well as staff efficiency. People are able to ask questions on his Google My Business listing and these questions are answered by either his reception rooms or previous patients.

If you are a doctor, medical professional, or any business, contact info@digitalbutter.co.za to inquire about us creating a website for you!

Dr Eltringham’s website and Google My Business listing receive over 2000 views per month, roughly 20% of which are from people searching directly for “Doctor Mark Eltringham” while the other 80% are from service-related search queries such as “Orthopedic Surgeons” and “Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon”.

Doctor Eltringham Google My Business View Statistics

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