5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Titles

3 November 2023

When it comes to blog titles, clear is better than clever.

In this blog, we’ll share the two things a good blog title always communicates and take you through an example of why context is important. Then we’ll share our five tips for writing blog titles that get clicked.

2 Things Every Blog Title Should Do 

When someone finds your blog on Google’s results page, they don’t know who you are or what you stand for. They don’t have any context.

They want an answer to the thing they’ve Googled. There are plenty of other results on the page. To get clicked, your blog title needs to be straightforward yet enticing.

To do this, it needs to communicate:

  1. What the blog is going to be about
  2. What value the reader will get from reading it

Effective Blog Titles Give Context 

While this title makes perfect sense on your blog:

writing better blog titles example 1

When it comes up on Google search, the title gives very little context:

writing better blog titles example 1 serp

In comparison, this title…

writing better blog titles example 2

Tells the reader what to expect, even if they don’t know who you are. 

writing better blog titles example 2 serp

5 tips to write better blog titles

Side note: This list title is an example of a good blog title. It tells you that you’re getting five tips and offers the benefit that you will learn to write better blog titles.

  1. Type the theme of your blog into Google. This could also be the main keyword you’re targeting. See what the top 3 results’ blog titles are and try to model your blog title off of theirs.
  2. Use a number. This communicates that a blog will be a skimmable, helpful list.
  3. Avoid inside jokes and jargon. Confusion could lead to fewer clicks. Keep it straightforward for the best results. 
  4. Make it helpful. Think about what your blog is helping its reader achieve and make that the title.
    Eg. A blog with an easy cake recipe is helping its reader learn to bake a cake the easy way. It will perform better if it’s titled “How to bake a cake: Fast, foolproof baking recipe” than if it’s titled “My baking journey continues”.
  5. Lose the adjectives and buzzwords. You’ve only got about 60 visible characters – don’t waste them on fluff. You can use one maybe two adjectives to convey value or benefit.


And that’s it! Hopefully, you’re feeling ready to write a scroll-stopping title for your next blog. Have a look at the titles of our previous blogs for examples and inspiration.