3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Do A Professional Photoshoot

8 July 2021

We love helping people thrive online and in life, which is why we use our blog space to cover topics that will help businesses grow the way they deserve. We see too many great businesses held back by bad marketing. Average photography is a common ball-and-chain dragging down businesses everywhere. This week the wonderful Misha Lee (our go-to photographer) is here to clarify once and for all why your business NEEDS a professional photoshoot. Keep reading for reasons and tips on how to rock at visually representing your business (and why it is so important).

If you clicked on over here, maybe you’ve been thinking of booking a professional to get those dreamy, drool-worthy pics for your business. And maybe you’ve been thinking, “Ahh, I don’t have time. I can do it myself. I hate photos of myself. It’s too expensive anyway.”

Well, let me stop you right there! I’m a professional photographer, and I hear this all the time. Heck, I even book my own shoots because I know they are that important to me and my business. So nope, this isn’t propaganda to book your local photographer because I said so. Here’s the deal: The way our brands communicate visually mean the most in today’s digital spaces. This undeniably makes professional, on-brand photography a powerful marketing tool. A tool that can save you time, energy and foster valuable connections with your past + future clients. If you want to stand out and speak loud and clear, read on! Here are three reasons why booking a professional photographer is a game-changer for you and your business.

1. Professional Photos = Professional Business

Imagine you’re scrolling through UberEats for a lazy Friday dinner. You see a shiny, delicious burger from restaurant A. The picture looks good, it’s styled well and you can’t wait to eat it (the burger I mean). Then you see restaurant B, the prices may be cheaper – but the photos are dimly lit, some are even blurry or out of focus. Which one would you pick? Hmm, restaurant A, right? You didn’t want to take the risk. No one likes paying for bad food. Before even munching both to test, you already make a judgement on the quality of the takeout based on the presentation. That’s the magic of professional photography, baby! Now imagine using that same advantage for your business. It would be crazy not to! Professional photos create trust, set expectations and amplify your brand identity.

2. Less Stress, More Time

Have you been hunched over, frustrated + fumbling with your iPhone, trying to take a decent flat-lay of your product for your gram between emails? You know photos are important but you don’t have enough time, or energy to juggle all the balls or wear all the hats. There’s truth to the notion that spending money can buy you time back. Especially for the parts of your business that need YOU. Hiring a photographer for an hour, or even a half-day allows you to bang out so much more content than you and your iPhone would over little moments throughout the week. Plus, they’re going to look a heck of a lot better with a fancy camera.

3. Make It Feel Real

Most business owners like hiding behind the scenes – where it’s a little more cushy and comfortable. Standing in front of a camera can feel a tad awkward for most. But did you know, showing YOU and your face is a brilliant marketing tool? People don’t connect with businesses, they connect with people. Showing who you are, and even a little behind the scenes of you doing your thing creates connection + allows your clients into your story. Still feel nervous? Don’t stress, the right photographer will know how to make you feel at ease.

So what’s next?

Before we get camera ready, find the photographer that’s the right fit for YOU and your brand. Put your feelers out there for recommendations online, or get in touch with the photographer who created content for a business’s Insta page you adore. And don’t forget to enjoy the process, it’s a joy to create and invest in yourself and your business!