Anna Rosholt Jewellery

November 2023
Cape Town, South Africa
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Strategy
  • Website

Anna Rosholt Jewellery’s first pieces were created in the shed attached to her student digs in Cape Town. As the business grew and Anna moved from shed to studio, so did the collections. 

When Anna came to us, every new collection meant a new shift for the brand. It also meant that the website had to be updated to align with the new pieces. For a small business owner, this constant change is overwhelming. For its customers, it can feel confusing.

The Strategy

Our goal was to give Anna a brand strategy that works as a foundation for every collection she creates. The brand essence we came up with is Untamed Elegance. It’s in between these two largely different concepts (the unruly and the polished) that we find the magic of her pieces. 

The Messaging

The most effective way to share the in-depth strategy we delivered is with concise copy and messaging elements. The basis of this is the AR manifesto which sounds pretty but also encapsulates every element of the brand strategy. We rely on this manifesto to pull the words and phrases we use across their marketing.

The Design

Based on the new brand strategy, Tammy set out to create a visual direction to tie the existing collections together and guide the brand into the future. 

We took inspiration from Anna’s bold but refined jewellery style to create a fun yet sophisticated brand that honours the existing brand elements. Instead of a complete overhaul, we made subtle changes to their old logo to fit their new modern era of Untamed Elegance. The heavier, more rectangular letter shapes bring the logo up to date without shocking loyal AR customers.

The new logo fits perfectly with their new colour palette inspired by Anna’s most popular jewellery pieces and a new choice of typefaces adds elegance and excitement to the branding. 

The Website

For this project, we didn’t set out to rebuild the website from scratch, however, once taking a look from the backend we realised it was built on a Vintage theme that required updating to Shopify’s new “Online Store 2.0” architecture.

We updated the entire site’s design to be in line with the new messaging and branding updates and rebuilt the pages in the new architecture. We have continued with ongoing updates that have included technical and user experience updates to improve the site’s conversion rate and SEO while also making various updates whenever we had a specific campaign on the go.

Anna Rosholt Jewellery Digital Butter Portfolio 08 Website scaled
Anna Rosholt Jewellery Digital Butter Portfolio 12 Mockup
Anna Rosholt Jewellery Digital Butter Portfolio 13 Mockup
Anna Rosholt Jewellery Digital Butter Portfolio 14 Mockup
Anna Rosholt Jewellery Digital Butter Portfolio 08 Banner

Charm Fest V1 

Our highlight of working with Anna was our first campaign together.

Charm Fest V1 took Anna’s audience by storm. Her Shopify reported: 

  • The best sales period since launching
  • The most traffic the site has ever seen 
  • And the largest audience growth on her Instagram in a single period 

We wanted to help Anna become known for her charms, and Charm Fest V1 exceeded our expectations.